Bicycles or Ferraris
An Open Letter
When did the world become a place where humans work for  technology?    

Websites and Software were supposed to decrease our workload and enable us to succeed. For something so necessary, it's awfully constricting and difficult to understand. In a DIY format, websites and software are incredibly restrictive, basic, and lack function. In a custom format, they are intentionally confusing, fragile, and require expensive specialists. To put this in perspective, it would be like every form of transportation only being comprised of two choices: Bicycles or Ferraris. It's easy to imagine all the issues with an industry this extreme.  There is an incredible opportunity to offer a wide range of solutions far better than either just a bicycle or a Ferrari.  

Seven years ago we started a website company with no goals, no expectations, and no innovative ideas.  We just wanted to help people and make some money doing it. Our team has learned a lot in that time, and in that same time the industry didn't innovate.  The existing solutions like Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix are set up for failure because these companies and their customers are fundamentally misaligned.  Customers need their websites to be dynamic, functional, revenue-generating tools where Platforms like Squarespace want websites to be idle, uniform, and restrictively unbreakable.  

We are working towards the contrary.  

We are aligned with our customers.  Our software is built like a spreadsheet where every cell lives independent from another.  This allows us to build complex, highly functional websites and software that's difficult to break and simple to build.  

 The Dotcom is the contrarian startup set out to Democratize the Internet.
Clarke McKinnon
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