Why We Created The.com to Rebuild the Web Through Collaboration

How it started

Growing up, we both had an innate talent for spotting demand and translating it into tangible solutions — starting with selling Pokemon cards in middle school, it blossomed into a passion for entrepreneurship. After a decade of building thousands of websites for small businesses, the intersection of our entrepreneurial spirit and overall hustle ultimately led us to found The.com three years ago, a result of us experiencing the same pain points many of our customers had prior to joining the community.

Having worked on countless projects, we noticed how website building was limited to either/or logic: either the website is assembled quickly with little customization, or the website builder is too complex and not intuitive enough for other users. There was an opportunity for creators to escape the black and white world of website building. We sought to level the playing field by connecting designers, developers, and web-savvy individuals to a more collaborative and community-oriented web experience.

These experiences set the stage for understanding what people wanted from their website building platform and how it could be improved. The status quo for building websites was broken and rigid: ultimately ignoring the needs and desires of the people doing the work to build them.

We created The.com to modernize website creation

The.com was built to position creators at the forefront of user experience and set up a system where web people (designers, developers, low-code creators, etc.) feel valued and can get rewarded for their work. With the support of Devyn Jonash, our Head of Engineering, we’ve pioneered a modern approach to building websites that ensures fluidity and creativity. Our ecosystem is catered to and powered by creators to cultivate a seamless web experience. Most importantly, The.com users benefit from a collaborative, composable, and decentralized web.

Creators can now build, remix, and own a piece of the web

With The.com, creators have more freedom to create the reusable web: a place that fosters simultaneous growth and innovation.

The.com community is powered by Blocks — highly-customizable units for web projects — that transform website creations into endless possibilities, all while crediting the original owner. The fluidity of remixing is appealing for many reasons, and Blocks and ideas have legs — because creations are never stagnant. Remixers can dive in and tailor every aspect to fit their exact needs. The original composer can watch their work thrive and expand into something else entirely while reaping the rewards of maintained ownership.

We created The.com to modernize website creation

We're building a community founded on our values: trust, humility, and exploration. These core pillars ground our company and seep into every aspect of our product. Even though Blocks and cells will continuously change, The.com’s ethos will remain the same. We’re humbled to see our vision coming together and excited for the great things in store for our future.

Today, we invite you to join us! The first site's on us.