Community Standards

Web power to the Web People. | Community-First


If you are reading this, you're in the perfect place at the perfect time. Welcome to the Community of Web People.

We believe in being Community-first. If you want to get involved, you can. Really, you should. Being Community-first is about a shared ecosystem and building together; that the collective goal is more powerful than the goals of the individual. Being Community-first is a mindset that's taking over how the new web is approached, and it's an energy that's contagious.

We are a group of future-oriented creators, rebels, thinkers, and live Players.


Community is symbiotic in nature. When other members create, you benefit. As the Community grows, so do you. The value and success of the platform exponentially increases as you build, create, and contribute. Our future vision is shared and driven by Community.


The success of this Community will entirely depend on the strength of relationships that you create between other members and their work—their Sites and Blocks. Players are excited to co-create. Building, Remixing, and Sharing acts as the communal binder.


We define ourselves in 3's: our name, meaning, and core values.



Being a part of a great Community requires trust.
  • Trust inspires respect, transparency, and mutual good faith.
  • Trust gives you and other members confidence in your abilities.
  • Trust requires accountability.


A lens that opens you to learning. When you have no ego, your awareness of your surroundings increases.
  • Humility makes you open.
  • Humility helps you to learn, understand, and explore new things.
  • Humility builds relationships.


We are ever curious. We aim to learn at all times; knowledge and understanding help us progress.
  • Exploration breeds innovators, test dummies, creators, learners, and supporters.
  • Exploration forces you to continuously grow.
  • Exploration provides enables you to gain perspective.
Here are things that quite possibly could get you banned. Note that this isn't a comprehensive list. Our moderators reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate.

We have 0 tolerance for

  • Spamming
  • Doxxing
  • Anything illegal
  • NSFW material
  • Trolling
  • Hate speech
  • Racism, sexism, harassment, and other discrimination

We have 100% tolerance for

  • Playing nice
  • Reading the room
  • Helping others and being constructive
  • Making cool sh**


  • Respect and help the moderators. Our team is a group of dedicated and caring humans who know what the current space looks like because we experienced the problem first-hand.