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Quickly build custom websites with no code.
The fastest, most customizable site builder on the market.

If The Dotcom helps you build just one additional site or saves you 25 minutes each week, it will more than pay for itself.



1 User 1 Lightsite 1k Visitor/m 1GB Storage Backups/Security Free Hosting


Unlimited Users 1 Lightsite Unlimited Visitor/m* 10GB+ Storage Backups/Security Free Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more than 10 clients?

For more than 10 websites contact us for customized pricing plans.

What happens if I want to upgrade/downgrade after purchasing?

Any plan can be upgraded/downgraded at any time and we'll automatically pro-rate the difference so you only pay for the actual time spent on any plan.

What does it cost my clients?

All or nothing! Feel free to pass along the monthly cost to your clients in our billing options or take the cost on yourself. Either way you'll be saving time and money!

Is there a cost for going over my storage limit?

Both plans are made for standard maximums determined by years of research. If you near the 1GB or 10GB limit of your plan we will use your preferred method of communication to warn you and discuss options.

Can I save if pay annually?

All our plans are 20% off if you pay annually!

How do try it?!

Simply start a free trial to begin playing with your first lightsite!

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