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  1. Question #1

    Why do companies use programmatic web pages?

    Clicks, impressions, and conversions

    To have more pages on their site and to make those pages easy to manage. Companies use these pages for personalization, web campaigns, directory sites or to expand their reach and improve their SEO.
  2. Question #2

    Do I have to change my CMS?

    Works with any website builder, CMS, or raw code

    Create a subdomain or subfolder and run all of your programmtic pages with The.com's hosting and platform.

  3. Question #3

    How can I make all the content I need?

    Use keywords and un-leveraged data with AI

    With built in AI and API's, you can mix and generate the content you need to cover every audience.
  4. Question #4

    Do engineers need to be involved?

    No, engineers are not required

    Start without any coding required by choosing from a set of proven templates. Use developer mode or raw code to further customize your work.