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Smarter Features

  • Components
  • Command Center
  • Responsivness Editor
  • Worksheet Orginizer
  • Instant Edit
  • Instant Deploy
7 years as an agency taught us a lot

Rebuilt from the ground up

Sites™ is built by website pros, because you deserve a professional experience. We designed it for speed, customization, and post launch editability. Every step of website building was identified and improved - so you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Whether you’re an agency, a freelancer, or helping a friend, with Sites™ you can build like a pro.

Build 10x Faster

Time is money, save more of both with Sites™. Our editor helps you build websites up to 10 times faster than any other system. Make a fully custom splash page from your mock in less than 5 minutes.


Without the need for hosting, you can save money and speed up your build process. Free your Site from the constraints and vulnerability of a host.

100% Custom

Not 99%, 100%. Because you deserve to build exactly what you want with no limitations. With Sites™ you control the builder, the builder doesn’t control you.
We are currently beta testing

Here's what our users are saying

Emily H.

It's a great platform! Such a big step up from WordPress while still using the skills I already had.

Dan C.

I’ve never experienced a product that’s as user-friendly and powerful as The Dotcom Sites.

COO, Yoga Pod
Scott F.

I can build my websites 5x faster with The Dotcom's Sites and that saves me time and money.

Agency Owner

Asset Organization

Our assets all live in the same organized place. So your pages, images, files, color codes, icons, logos, and components are accessible in one simple, editable spreadsheet.

1-Click Custom URLs

Connect your Site to any URL with one single click. We generate the records and you simply paste them into your domain registrar. No more domain funny business.

Instant Edit and Deploy

See your changes in real time. Every edit you make is visual and immediately visible in our editor. When your ready to deploy, simply click Deploy Site and your changes are live instantly.

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Import Websites

Looking to make the move from another popular CMS or builder? Simply import your website and begin editing instantly. Make the switch to Sites™ today!


Stop redoing work. Our editor lets you create components. Reuse your components anywhere on your Site and customize every instance, or choose pre-made components from our library.

Mobile Styles

Our website automatically flex to fit different screen sizes. And we've made it easier than ever to make specific screens show specific.

Match the Mock

You design with intention, why not build websites that way too. We make every detail visible and customizable so you can tweak and tweak and tweak and … well … you get it.

Command Center

Take control of your build. You can locate and execute actions seamlessly in our centralized search. Never get lost again with our Command Palette.

Detach Content

Not everyone who contributes to a Site knows code. Sites allows you to seperate the content away from the builder helping more team members improve your site.

Ecommerce (coming soon)

Take control of your online store, event, or donations. Edit all the details of your shopping experience while managing your offerings in a simple spreadsheet.

Free SSL

Sites gives you a free SSL so your site stays secure. Google likes this, and we like this.

Staging Mode

Publish your Site to a staging environment so you, your team, and your client can view the site in a secure and undisclosed location.

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