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VentureBeat Feature

Co-Founder Jeff McKinnon writes about the future of SEO

Sept 21st

TechTimes Feature pursues a passionate vision for empowering creators

May 26th

Syracuse University Highlight

McKinnon, who graduated from SU in 2014, recently launched

Mar 21st


The San Francisco, CA-based platform enables website creators to...

Feb 18th

What Are Blocks?

Reusable, remixable building blocks for your next site

Feb 2nd

Officially Launched

We just announced’s $4.4 million seed funding

Jan 28th


Modernizing website building with 'Blocks'

Jan 27th


Watch the founders discuss their vision

Jan 27th

How-to Video

by Community Member NoCodeDevs

Jan 24th

Bulletpitch Highlight

Overview of

Jan 19th

Deep End Podcast

The Internet is a WIP

Nov 10th

What is the reusable web?

A more collaborative and composable web

Dec 14th

2021 Top Nocode Platforms

Putting creators first

Dec 13th

Linkedin Live with WeAreNoCode

Live launch with founders Jeff and Clarke.

Nov 9th

Codemap Mention

A revolutionary new way to create, build, and manage websites

Nov 26th

NoCodeDevs Tweet

Build, Remix, and own the web with

Nov 18th

Zach Davidson Tweet

i'm convinced is building the future of web3 web development

Oct 25th

Top Startups to watch in 2022

Added @the__com to my Top 100 Startups to watch 2022

Dec 5th

Miro Tweet

This is quite epic.Web development + web3 (ownership)

Nov 9th

Create, remix, and own Blog Post

Blocks are the equivalent of website samples

Nov 9th

Magik Mention

Shoutout to Jane Sorkin

Nov 12th