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Jan 19th

Bulletpitch Highlight

The.com is a low-code website building platform that simplifies the process of creating, remixing, and launching websites and allows creators to earn credit for their work

Nov 10th

Deep End Podcast

The Work-in-Progress Web with The.com's Clarke & Jeff McKinnon

Dec 14th

What is the reusable web?

Making it simple to create, remix, and launch websites while getting paid and earning credit for your work. This is a fundamental shift in web creation towards a more ownable and composable web.

Dec 13th

2021 Top Nocode Platforms

"With these ownership features, the.com is one of the first no-code companies to plant their flag firmly in web3"

Nov 9th

Linkedin Live with WeAreNoCode

Live launch with The.com founders Jeff and Clarke.

Nov 26th

Codemap Mention

A revolutionary new way to create, build, and manage websites

Nov 18th

NoCodeDevs Tweet

Build, Remix, and own the web with The.com - December 14, 2021 - 12:30pm EST

Oct 25th

Zach Davidson Tweet

i'm convinced the.com is building the future of web3 web development

Dec 5th

Top Startups to watch in 2022

Added @the__com to my Top 100 Startups to watch 2022

Nov 9th

Miro Tweet

This is quite epic. Web development + web3 (ownership). Now you can join as a creator. You can also join to the waiting list for users. Creators earn when their blocks are used 🤯

Nov 9th

Create, remix, and own Blog Post

Just like a music producer who makes a sample that 1000's of others use and earns royalties, Blocks are the equivalent of website samples. Blocks let future web people build and credit the original creator.

Nov 12th

Magik Mention

Shoutout to Jane Sorkin for inviting community in batches to maintain the quality of their community throughout their beta program. 🎫