What is The Reusable Web?

Reuse, reduce, and recycle—all while getting rewarded.

The.com has ushered in a fundamental shift in web creation, participation, interaction, and ownership.

From the first stage of the World Wide Web (web1), to a social platform that served to highlight user-generated content (web2), web3 embraces and celebrates a more ownable and composable web.

Historically, websites were etched in stone, rarely to be reused or remixed again. Now, as simple as using Legos to build a castle, you can reuse those foundational elements (Legos) to build something bigger, better, or entirely new, all while the creator maintains IP.

Break sites... into blocks

If You Build It, They Will Reuse it

Web3 is all about integration, collaboration, customization, and ownership. Giving the power to the creators of the world, promoting new web building behaviors that feel like superpowers.


Collaboration, in almost every aspect of life and business, creates increased opportunities and increased engagement. The reusable web promotes innovative ideas, flexibility of creators, and ultimately collaboration through unique features like social chat, spurring the potential to build the next big thing — all while getting due credit.


Composability is only possible in a sustainable network, where creators are never starting from zero, instead, they're always building. Every time a new block is created, precious time and resources are saved — a new, adaptable ecosystem is born.
The.com is building a product around community instead of building community around a product. This approach empowers creators by giving them the tools to take their work to the next level and become pioneering members of the reusable web.

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